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Hi, I'm Maikel Fuhrmann, a passionate photographer with a soft spot for sports and landscape photography. My journey through the world of photography began with a fascination for the movement, energy and emotional moments of sport. This passion led me to pick up my camera and capture the action, be it on the pitch, on the track or in nature.

For me, sports photography is about capturing the perfect moment - be it the decisive goal, the emotional jubilation after a victory or the relentless dedication of the athletes. Through my lens, I want to capture the dynamism and intensity of the sport and tell the stories behind the athletes.

For me, landscape photography is a journey into the beauty of nature. From majestic mountain peaks to vast oceans and picturesque sunsets, nature provides an endless source of inspiration. My photographs strive to capture the unique atmosphere and often overwhelming beauty of landscapes.

My work goes beyond mere photography - it is a creative passion that drives me to show the world through my own perspective. On this website you will find a selection of my best work in the fields of sports and landscape photography. Immerse yourself in my visual world, be inspired and share with me my enthusiasm for the world of sports and landscape photography.

If you are interested in a collaboration or individual projects, I am at your disposal. Thank you for your visit and have fun exploring my photography!


As a photographer, I have the privilege of living out my passion on a global scale. My pursuit of visual storytelling has taken me to various locations around the globe where I have been able to capture the diversity of the world in mesmerizing images.


The challenges and rewards that come with global photography assignments are unparalleled. Immersing myself in new cultures, capturing traditional festivals, exploring remote natural beauty all help to broaden my perspective and enrich my creative horizons.


Through my lens, I not only want to show the beauty of the world, but also tell stories that often transcend language and cultural boundaries. Every picture I have taken during my worldwide photography assignments tells of encounters, experiences and the fascinating mosaic of human experiences.

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